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the adv. of rofflawl/firedra+ happened again DX

Posted by rofflawl - March 18th, 2009

it happened again DX but i guess that banana does work on slipping ppl i didnt re-break anything but they just made sure

rofflawl/firedra season 2 / episode 2

*sapphire and scrapper watch over the 2*
sapphire"why are we doing this?"
scrapper"i would give my right arm to find our friend firedra!"
sapphire"but the villager said---"
suddenly by the pond........
firedra" ok......*sigh*"
*firedra walks to the center of the pond and the water rises*
firedra"quick open the door!"
sam" got it!"
*sam opens the door*
firedra"everybody get in!!"
tisha"but what about u?"
firedra"dont worry i'll be behind ya!"
*everybody goes in the damp and dark maze*
wolf"is firedra gonna be alright?"
firedra"i'm right here wolf!"
wolf"oh.....but its dark i cant see u much"
firedra"now calm yourself.......listen to the water and follow me"
back at the village
rofflawl and misumi wake up
rofflawl"so where am i?"
misumi"your on my planet now i know u used to live on corneria but i was going there to see my brother and found out it exploded yet i knew he lived and i think.....that...."
rofflawl"what do you think?"
misumi"i think its you"
in the middle of the damp maze........
*drip drip drip*
firedra"we're getting close!"
sam"theres the door!!!"
*sam opens the door and huge land of white sprang*
tisha"this place is beautiful!"
silver"its all white!"
panther"mmmm.......silver white roses......my treat"
firedra"i'm home!"
red rose creature"rebumada! doe un tee finto ze rebutiti?"
wolf"what is he saying?"
firedra"in old cacitoman language.....he saying white maiden did u go find the white church? vo e heyunt"
red rose creature" u-r m-a-gessssty, ee ye teey matol?"
firedra" oosah?"
red rose creature" ze wyot?"
blaze"is he referring to wolf?"
firedra"ves ye ee"
red rose creature" hevete desoh King! e weyl alowys ge yn teey serxi"
wolf" what did he just say?"
firedra"hello dear king! i will always be in ur service.....thats what he says"
at the town
misumi"well i think we sould start heading to the city"
rofflawl"we are right?"
misumi"no but we sould go its much more safe over there"
rofflawl"ok but whats it like?"
misumi"well its very nice and it has more things then cornaria did but u cant tell them that your a cat creature so you will have to take this"
misumi hands pills to rofflawl
misumi"those will lessen your catness but you will still have ears and a tail like a neko"
rofflawl takes the pills and transforms into a neko*very painfully*>_<
misumi"ok lets go"
still in cacitoma......
evil ghost" WOAH!!! wolf isnt king anymore!"
red rose creature"ye's vot?"
firedra"oh thats right! i'm back at being princess......e'm sury......"
red rose creature" yt ee ok......."
firedra"e'm styul luken fetu oni"
red rose creature" awwwwww...."
*firedra walks away silently into a hill where a huge grave stands*
noss" where is she going?"
mario"and whos grave is that?"
luigi"mario! how did u know its a grave?"
shadow"thats a big grave over there"
sonic"and the sun here is so bright!!!"
red rose creature" thytes yaas gruavde?"
sam" what is he saying?!"

firedra"he...said thats...your grave."
on a trail
rofflawl"where are we anyway?"
misumi"were in a trail to the city"
rofflawl"well ok what ar--"
hears a rustling sound
rofflawl"those bastards must have followed us"
on the hill in cacitoma
firedra"actually its my grave"
firedra" every thousands of years i get buried here for revival"
sam"wait! u would have been buried here 9 years ago!"
firedra"i wasnt because of the stop of age immortality"
red rose creature"u-r m--a--gessssty, mui brotters ne sistters yui yon sacred moons!"
firedra" e'll gu chwu"
*firedra warps with sam,tisha,noss, and wolf to the 8 sacred moons*
sam"what the?! where are we?!"
tisha" if my calculations are correct we are on the red moon"
redenia"ahhh firedra! what a pleasure to see u!"
noss"hey she can speak english!"
wolf"what is this place?"
firedra"this place is one giant chaos emerald covered in roses that only can be cut by the guardian"
redenia" exactly! oh did u see greedo yet?"
firedra" no i havent...oh this is red fox everyone"

on the trail
rofflawl"sould we ignore them"
misumi"i guess so"
rofflawl"is that it over there?"
misumi"yes it is were almost there"
they get to the city
rofflawl"wow its nice here is that a bar in a city?"
sees a seafood ferri
roflawl"it is ^_^"
he gose over to buy some sushi
rofflawl"this is great"
misumi"no its japan but be sure to wear your hood all the time"
on ze moon.....
redenia"i'm getting worried about him!"
sam"whos greedo?"
firedra"uhhh......green chameleon....strange, he looks like leon."
redenia"here firedra! this is a piece the pendent used for u to go to the human world"
noss"uhh why do we need this?"
redenia"ur friend is there now go to the next moon over!"
firedra" ok! off to the yellow moon!"
*the 4 then teleported to the yellow moon*
yeeto"firedra!!!! its been so long!!!"
firedra" yellow duck!!"
wolf"this place is yellow?"
noss"the same place but with the color of yellow"
yeeto"no time for sight seeing! here have it!"
*yeeto gives firedra the piece*
*then they quickly teleported to the green moon *
firedra"greedo!!! where are u?!"
greedo"y-yes i-i'm here...."
wolf"ur right....he does look like leon"
greedo" zodetux was here......"
tisha"not him again!!"
greedo" take the piece!"
*firedra grabs it*
greedo"now head to the scyon moon quickly! zodetux is there now!!!!"
firedra"scyoniae is in trouble then!!"

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u better start helping me with the story cuz i'm waiting

rofflawl i havw a question ill pm you kay