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emos..........im one

Posted by rofflawl - December 22nd, 2008

naturally depressed
remember kids

its down the road
not across the street

emos..........im one

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to me there is no point in being emo but i respect your beleive un less you just want some lolz

and i forgot to ask why are you emo, see something shocking ???

mainly being constantly depressed and the world will end soon
thats why

i've always heard it to be "go with the flow, dont make bridges"

oh theres another good one

to say,i'm emo just i dont cut myself

hahaha you do know thats just goverment fear they want you to beleive it so they can get your money one way or another

makes sence


*goes to usual corner*

welcome to the band!

ho come on already people always talk about emos ,generally I HATE EMOS ,but put in their places i have a friend that cut himself he is a nice guy but a also an idiot .people emos talk about death ,sufering, love ,COME ON WAKE UP THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANTS THINGS THAN DEATH ,my girlfriend and i cut the relation with me to stay with one of my friends ,but i am not going to be depressed all my life for that,in the end why all die SO I LEAVE U A MESSAGE CARPE DIEM ,ENJOY UR FUCKING LIFE ,IN EARTH WE HAVE ALREADY A LOT OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION ,DONT KILL UR SELF ,DONT CUT UR SELF ,LIFE IS LOVE ,ATLEAST HELP SOMEBODY ,the death it is just the begining of another life and also the end of another just put it at the end when u have 80 years old like that ENJOY THIS WORLD WHILE U CAN

i will help by diying

don't be emo, be happy! *hugs*

Its fun to write in blood.

can we please start on our story again?

across the street man the way i go :P